Kidz Bop is a brand of compilation albums featuring child session musicians performing contemporary music. The series was developed by Razor & Tie co-founders Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam in 2001. The albums are composed of "kid-friendly" versions of the latest songs on Top 40 radio and are sung by young children. In 2008 or 2009, Zendaya was a member of Kidz Bop for a short time.

Kidz Bop 15

Kidz Bop 15 is the 15th edition to the Kidz Bop series and was released on February 3, 2009. It debuted and peaked at number seven on the Billboard 200 albums chart. This is the third Kidz Bop album in a row to include an iTunes Bonus Track. Zendaya contributed to this CD, although she did not sing lead.

All songs are performed by the Kidz Bop Kids. The artist indicated in parentheses after each song title is the original artist with whom the song is associated.
Kids Bop Hot N Cold Music Video03:28

Kids Bop Hot N Cold Music Video

Zendaya is NOT really Singing.

  • "So What" (Pink) – 3:19
  • "Let It Rock" (Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne) – 3:06
  • "When I Grow Up" (Pussycat Dolls) – 3:10
  • "American Boy" (Estelle featuring Kanye West) – 2:58
  • "Forever" (Chris Brown) – 3:28 "Hot n Cold" (Katy Perry) – 3:11
  • "Disturbia" (Rihanna) – 3:14
  • "Burnin' Up" (Jonas Brothers) – 2:53
  • "I'm Yours" (Jason Mraz) – 3:08
  • "One Step at a Time" (Jordin Sparks) – 3:26
  • "7 Things" (Miley Cyrus) – 3:05
  • "Better in Time" (Leona Lewis) – 3:20
  • "What About Now" (Daughtry) – 3:16
  • "Love Story" (Taylor Swift) – 3:26
  • "Crush" (David Archuleta) – 3:15
  • "Gotta Be Somebody" (Nickelback) – 3:28
  • "Take a Bow" (Rihanna) – 3:26
  • "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" (Selena Gomez) – 2:52
  • "All Star" (Smash Mouth) – 3:19
  • (iTunes bonus track) Bonus Track: "This Is Me" (Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas) - 3:09

Music videos

  • "So What" (Pink)
  • "Let It Rock" (Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne)
  • "Hot n Cold" (Katy Perry)
  • "Love Story" (Taylor Swift)


  • "Valerie Gaitan"
  • "Riker Lynch"
  • "Ross Lynch"
  • "Hanna Yorke"
  • "Roselle Kingdom"
  • "Cassidy Rachels"(Canadian Version)

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