Adam Irigoyen
Adam Irigoyen
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Date of birth: August 5, 1997
Age: 20
Nationality: American
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Occupation(s): Actor, singer, rapper, dancer
Years active: 2008-present
Fan group name: Irigoyenartors
Official website:
Official Twitter: @@adamirigoyen

Adam Irigoyen (born August 5, 1997) is Zendaya's friend. Adam is best known for his role as Deuce Martinez on Shake It Up , along with Zendaya.

Work With Zendaya

  • Adam and Zendaya worked together on Shake It Up as close friends. They are also close friends in real life.
  • It is said that Adam and Zendaya dated as shown on, though it has not been proven to be true yet.